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The original Jeep produced by Willys-Overland for the U.S. Army, to give them a a light, four-wheel drive, general-purpose vehicle and scout car.
Know it by: It was the jeep of World war II. Sunken headlights, it has flat fenders. No tailgate. Rear mounted spare tire. Split windshield with windshield wipers at top.

A little extra info on M series vehicles
The term M series is used loosely to cover the switch in military vehicle procurement and contract management when the War Department and the Navy Department became the Department of Defense which now included the Army, Navt (w/Marines) and the Air Force.
The Army became the primary contractor for all tactical vehicles. So when the USN/USAF/USMC needed a jeep or tacticle truck they took their needs to the Army who then put the specs together and wrote the contracts.
Credits to Wes Knettle for providing me with some of this information.

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Jeep MB / Willys MB technical details



Overall length

131 in. (early models 132 1/4 to 132 3/4 in.

Overall width

62 in.


80 in.


Willys model 441 or 442 "Go Devil" 4-cylinder in-line watercooled side-valve (L-head) gasoline engine, developing 60 bhp (54net) at 4000 rpm and a max. torque of 105 lb-ft (95 net) at 2000rpm Cubic capacity 134.2 in. (2199 cc).


Borg and Beck model 11123

Transfer case

Dana 18/Spicer 18

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