Jeep M38A1 / Willys M38A1

Jeep M38A1 / Willys M38A1 information

The M38A1 was the replacement for the M38, and a very different vehicle with new frame, body, engine and axles.
Know it by: It was the first round fender jeep.

The bulk of US Army procured construction took place 1952 thru 1955. Sporadic Army & US Marines contracts continued occasionally until 1968.
The Ford of Canada asembled M38A1 CDN's and Willys built a couple of batch contracts of the M38A1 CDN's for the Canadians.
Credits to Wes Knettle for providing me with some of this information.

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Jeep M38A1 / Willys M38A1 technical details



Overall length

139 in.

Overall width

61 in.


81 in.


"Hurricane" F-head, 134 (2.2 liter), 4 cylinders


Borg-Warner T-90

Transfer case

Dana 18/Spicer 18

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