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The Willys CJ3A was the first Civilian Jeep (CJ) and it began production on July 17, 1945.
Know it by: Bulging headlights, the flat fenders and a low hood, and the one-piece windshield frame with wipers at the cowl.

Most folks refer to all standardized military vehicles produced for the Armed Forces after 1948 as M series even though some contracts were negotiated by individual services on occasion.
One of those contracts was for the USMC contracted by the US Navy with Willys for 1000 CJV35/U tactical radio jeeps based on the CJ3A but using a PTO driven 12 Volt generator system for the radio power and a standard waterproofed 6 volt system for the jeep.
The jeep also had great fording capability. This unit was produced the first few months of 1950.
Credits to Wes Knettle for providing me with some of this information.

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Jeep CJ3A / Willys CJ3A technical details



Overall length

123.12 in.

Overall width

57.12 in.


80 in.


"Go-Devil" L-Head 4-cylinder in-line watercooled side-valve (L-head) gasoline engine, developing 60 bhp (54net) at 4000 rpm and a max. torque of 105 lb-ft (95 net) at 2000rpm Cubic capacity 134.2 in. (2199 cc).


Borg-Warner T-90

Transfer case

Dana 18/Spicer 18

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