The Jeep that I bought

Friday November 1, 2002 I went to pickup my first Jeep.
The Jeep was a project which was never finished. Everything had been taken a part and that was about it.
It consisted of a M38A1 frame with a cut down CJ7 tub, fenders, hood and grill from the original M38A1, a Volvo B20 engine, a Dana 18 transfer case, a couple of boxes where everything had been thrown when the Jeep was taken a part, with no transmission, and a hole lot of other things missing, price about $1500.
I knew at that time that I would have to get a bunch of other parts before the Jeep could get on the road.

First a few pics from the day I got the Jeep home.
Including a pic of a lot of parts in the basement.

Pics of other parts I have bought for the Jeep
This includes a t90 with a dana 18 which is adapted to a Volvo B21.
Also an extra Volvo B21 with an M45 gearbox.